A TASTE OF THE GOOD LIFE is a 222-page anthology which offers a celebratory look into the best of food, wine, goodetiquette, and enduring friendships. Richard and Ann Briers have provided readers with splendid illustrations, delightful recipes,funny anecdotes, and a variety of quotes and poetry on a wide range of fascinating subjects.

Ann, for example, humourously relives her novice attempts at the art of barbequeing. She shares these failed efforts in order toteach readers the correct methods, allowing them to gain useful information while entertaining them with hilarious tales.

The many sections of the book address everything from beer to table etiquette. And each segment includes the authors’favorite poems and quotes by such writers as Jane Austen, John Keats, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Each applies to theaspect of good taste that is being discussed in that chapter. Readers will want to memorize these quotes in order to repeatthem to friends. The authors have captured the delightful aspects of the finer things of life through the well-loved classical talesjuxtaposed with their own stories.

A Taste of the Good Life, with its feast of wit, wisdom, and good writing, successively pleases the palate and tickles thefunnybone of those who appreciate ‘the good life.’
Sherry Bell