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Jennifer Nguyen Noone with the October 2006 issue of Vietnam. (Photo courtesy of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)Jennifer Nguyen Noone, the baby in the photo of the Operation Babylift that appeared on the cover of the October 2006 issue of Vietnam magazine, was recently featured on Searching for… an Oprah Winfrey Network program in which host Pam Slaton assists people in finding someone—a mother, brother, father, sibling—who has somehow been lost in their lives.

In frequent television promotions for the program on the just-premiered cable network launched by Winfrey, Noone hands Slaton a copy of the magazine and tells her: “There’s a picture of a soldier holding this baby. We were able to confirm that that baby was me.” In the cover photo, a C-141 crewman is pictured bottle feeding an infant while en route to Clark Air Force Base in April 1975, as the South Vietnamese government fell.

When the Searching for… show aired on April 18, Noone asked for Slaton’s help in finding the soldier on the cover, Air Force Staff Sgt. B.J. Harms, identified finally as Brian John Harms.

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