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Aviation History Animation: Watch the SR-71 Blackbird Come to Life

7/7/2010 • Aviation History Animation

Created by Steve Karp (realart@warwick.net)

17 Responses to Aviation History Animation: Watch the SR-71 Blackbird Come to Life

  1. Jo says:

    OK, that was a stupid waste of time.

  2. Bruce says:

    And the point of that was……..?

  3. cvonwodtke says:

    …to give you a head’s up about an interesting feature in our latest issue, and provide a few informative facts about an amazing airplane. This our first effort at creating an animation tied to an illustration in the magazine, so don’t be too hard on us. We have big plans for the future, and this is just a preview of things to come.

    Carl von Wodtke
    Aviation History Editor

  4. John A Schutzenhoffer says:

    I think it was a great simulation of the SR71.

  5. Robert Munsey says:

    After watcing and waiting for 10-15 minutes, when does the SR-71 actually show? Your print page shows more than this. I can’t recommend this to my friends and relatives. This sit is a waste of time.

  6. John A Schutzenhoffer says:

    It only took about 30 seconds to come up on my screen. I’m connected by regular DSL, and I’m using a 2005 Optiplex
    gx520 with 1.5 GIGs of ram..

  7. John says:

    stunning animation short.i enjoyed the visual design, the flow of information
    and the audio track.

  8. Warren Keating says:

    Great animation, entertaining and informative; taught me a lot.

  9. BrieFrie says:


    Nice try with the animation, it was pretty cool. Although, I think more people would like it if it was Augmented Reality. Maybe try that with the next issue. :)

  10. shar says:

    Welcome additon to your site! Hope to see more in the future. Very cool technique.

  11. Rick says:

    Nice graphics and animation, great choice of music, too. Makes me want to buy the magazine and learn more! By all means, keep putting these animations up!!

  12. Michael Samuelson says:

    Sort of a waste of time. I was expecting much more. Apparently, this is a first effort. Fine. Keep trying. I’ll check back at some future date.

  13. Jeff says:

    Hope in the future you show us more about the past flight paths and failed drone program.

  14. allan w. says:

    What I came to appreciate after seeing this video is the amount of previously classified details on the SR-71 specs that was made available: and to think that for almost a quarter century the military denied its existence. How time and the SR-71 flies!

  15. wdanw says:

    that wuz it???…sooooooooooo much more can be told

  16. aviationman77 says:

    Here is a great aviation history video. Almost 100k views in 2 weeks!

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