September 2015 issue.
September 2015 issue.


Burnside betrayed?
As he headed for the showdown at Antietam, Ambrose Burnside was George McClellan’s BFF. Until another Union general showed up with an ax to grind.
By Dennis Frye

A nation of nomads
From Mrs. Robert E. Lee to the poorest slave, thousands of Southerners displaced by advancing armies became refugees who had to live rough.
By Peter Cozzens

Massacre at Baxter Springs
Bloodthirsty guerrilla William Quantrill was on his way to Texas for a winter break. And if he could dispatch a Yankee or 80 on the way, so much the better.
By Chris Howland

Money, morality and madness
John Brown was on a mission. Missions need money. Gerrit Smith had money. But how much did Smith know about Brown—and when did he know it?
By Jan Bridgeford-Smith

Henry Morton Stanley goes to war
The Private Formerly Known As Rowlands compiled quite a record—first a Confederate, then a Yankee, often AWOL. Perfect background for a celebrated adventurer.
By Duane Schultz

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Field Notes
Civil War news and history

Her War
What fresh madness is this?

Primary Sources
A bridge over troubled water

In Time of War
September–October 1865


Stanton scrutinized, famous photos and a worldview of war

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