Dateline: Gettysburg
Joseph Gilbert agreed to report the president’s ‘few appropriate remarks,’ and wound up recording history.
By Richard Pyle

Shooting Above the Clouds
Whether you were armed with a gun or a camera, Lookout Mountain was a serious challenge.

Uncivil Action
Antagonists on both sides of secession invoked the Constitution. Which side was right?
By Jonathan Turley

Bring Out the Big Guns
Scary, yes. But these bad boys proved bigger isn’t necessarily better.

The Tactical Genius of Bloody Bill Anderson
He was savage, ruthless, calculating, merciless and brilliant.
By Sean McLachlan

Twilight at the White House
Here’s a Lincoln tale to really sink your teeth into.
By David Selby



Field Notes
Civil War news and history

5 Questions
A new era at Gettysburg College

Cease Fire
Leadership demands apply to any chief exec from Illinois

Wanna be president? Make a good showing in New Hampshire

A Civil War Chronology


Holding out, Army-Navy rivalries, Shenandoah shenanigans and Ambrose Bierce’s unsettling venture into the macabre

Don’t you just hate to eat and run?