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America’s Civil War – May 2013 – Table of Contents

3/5/2013 • ACW Table of Contents, America's Civil War


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How in the world did they shoot Jackson?
The forest at Chancellorsville was so thick that hitting anything was nearly impossible. No wonder they called it the Wilderness.
By Kristopher D. White and Chris Mackowski

He killed Stonewall
John Decatur Barry knew there were Yankees lurking in his midst. But what he didn’t know would hurt him—and the Confederacy.
By Paul F. Bradley

Tullahoma gets no respect
Victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg sparked rejoicing in Washington. Did nobody care that Federals in Tennessee won, too?
By Christine M. Kreiser

Why Andrew Johnson couldn’t redeem himself
The vice president had a few enemies when he was thrust into the White House. His biggest enemy might have been Andrew Johnson.
By Jack Kaufhold

Jefferson Davis slept here
Richmond welcomed its capital status with a stylish home for the new Confederate president. Visitors will find it just as elegant now.

Virginia’s great divorce
West Virginians claimed little in common with their counterparts in the east. A break was inevitable; war provided the opportunity.
By Gerald D. Swick


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