Jackson, Johnston and Conflicting Interests
Hold Harpers Ferry??No problem, said Jackson. Big problem, said Johnston.
By Dennis Frye

Looking for a Few Good Men
You can’t have a war without soldiers, and you can’t recruit soldiers unless you find a way to get the word out.

An Omen at Philippi
The first real land battle was a little fight in a little town, but it had big implications for the rest of the war.
By Gerald D. Swick

The Common Soldier’s Recipes for Disaster
The biscuits in the Army, They say are mighty fine, But Billy Yank and Johnny Reb Want another place to dine.

Diary of a Morgan Raider
Following John Hunt Morgan around meant living in your saddle—even when the calendar said winter.
By John M. Porter



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Civil War news and history

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Cease Fire
Don’t whitewash history

Oh, the state their songs were in

A Civil War Chronology


A brother born for trouble, the faith of our fathers, rollin’ on the river, and a long way to Santa Fe

Carrying a grand old flag can make you a grand little target