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The fall of the House of Dixie
Soaring inflation, crippling desertion, spreading poverty and mixed loyalties—who wants to be Jefferson Davis?
By Bruce Levine

The big squeeze
In 1861, Winfield Scott presented a serpentine strategy for winning the war. Pundits laughed. But nobody was laughing in 1865.
By Tim Rowland

A wild tear across Virginia
Stoneman’s cavalry came and tore up the tracks—but only for a while. General Hooker was not amused.
By Christine M. Kreiser

Blue knights
Union cavaliers weren’t wearing shining armor, but my, what an array of weaponry they hoisted on those horses.

The other Lee
Smith Lee, not Bobby, occupied a special place among the Rebel elite when the war began. How the mighty can fall. A special adaptation from the ACW archives.
By Avis Elizabeth Johnson

Whose patent is it?
Slaveowners assumed they could lay claim to anything their laborers produced. The government respectfully disagreed.
By Sarah Richardson



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