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A Shot in the Dark
As P.G.T. Beauregard took aim at Fort Sumter, neither side had a clue what they were getting into.
By Winston Groom

Opening Salvo at Fort Sumter
Our special pullout map lets you see how precarious Major Robert Anderson’s situation really was.

Lee, Grant and Their Steadfast Steeds
No self-respecting general would just horse around with his mode de transport.
By Ron Soodalter

The Teenage Terrorist of Roane County
The biggest thorn in the side of Yankees in western Virginia was… a girl.
By H. Donald Winkler

Survival in an Alabama Slammer
Rats, lice, scraps and muggers. And did we mention the flood?
By Peter Cozzens

The One-Way Voyage of the Stone Fleet
The best way to cut off Southern shipping? More ships.
By Greg Bailey



Field Notes
Civil War news and history

5 Questions
Preservation’s go-to guy

Cease Fire
Virginia’s schizophrenic memory

Everything’s bigger in Texas—even the consequences of surrendering

A Civil War Chronology


War news in the New York Times, a look at neo-Cons, and a tear-jerker

Here’s why you should always turn out the light when you leave home