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America’s Civil War Letters from Readers- September 2009

4/5/2018 • America's Civil War Magazine

Hidden at the National Archives

Although I share the Garnett name, I am not related to Brig. Gen. Richard Brooke Garnett, who was killed during Pickett’s Charge on the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, but I have conducted many years of research on the Garnett family, and I read with considerable interest Robert Krick’s article “Has General Garnett Been Found?” that ran in the May 2009 issue of America’s Civil War.

I can assure you the photographic image that is the subject of Krick’s article is definitely not a likeness of Richard Brooke Garnett. In fact, this picture is indisputably a studio portrait of the noted Virginia politician, congressman and statesman Muscoe Russell Hunter Garnett, who died of typhoid fever in Richmond in 1864.

A few years ago, when the vast collection of Civil War photographs housed at the National Archives was finally digitized and indexed, a photograph of a bearded man dressed in the uniform of a Confederate general and clearly labeled as being of “R.B. Garnett, Brig. General” came to light. My conclusion is that this picture could very well be the long-lost image of General Richard B. Garnett, and that for many years it had possibly been misfiled at the Archives under the name of Brig. Gen. Franklin Gardner.

Doug Garnett

Ontario, Canada

Lincoln’s last pardon

I was interested to read in the July 2009 issue about the mass execution of the rebellious Sioux and President Lincoln’s role in that execution. It made me think of Lincoln’s last day in office when he pardoned a Private Patrick Murphy, who, with a name like that, had to have some Irish connection. Being from that part of the world, I’m wondering whether any readers out there can help me find more information about Murphy. I can be contacted at


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