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America’s Civil War – July 2012 – Table of Contents

5/9/2012 • America's Civil War


John Pope’s Manassas misery
He never wanted to come east in the first place. Lee, Jackson and Longstreet saw to it that he left in a hurry.
By Peter Cozzens

Honor bound
Just how far would a soldier go to avoid being shamed
on the battlefield? Or just to do what’s right?
By Ron Soodalter

In the hot seat over Gettysburg
Lots of aging Rebels blamed Stuart and Longstreet for their worst defeat. Maybe Lee had secretly blamed them, too.
By Richard Selcer

Nine generals of Galena
An Illinois river town seemed to produce more generals
per capita than anyplace else in the Union.

In Pennsylvania, they love George Meade
Some fans are even rather attached to what’s left of the horse that carried him at Antietam and Gettysburg.
By Tom Huntington

Last hope at Jonesboro
The only thing standing between quivering Atlanta and Sherman’s army was the city’s one remaining supply line.
By Christine M. Kreiser



Field Notes

Civil War news and history

Primary Sources

Some battles weren’t on the field

Cease Fire

C-SPAN icon proves history is still cool

Her War

Who knew the enemy might wear a corset?

In Time of War

July­–August 1862



Lincoln seen from abroad, marching in Missouri, Hoosier sensibilities, a dash of diaries and a new addition at Ford’s


An uneven shooting match

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  1. Steven W. Schultze says:

    I really enjoyed Christine M. Kreiser article on the Last Hope of Jonesboro, do you know of any books written on that specific battle or the battle of Atlanta or The Battle of Ezra Church? Looking for specific details on each engagment of the Atlanta Campagin?


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