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United We Stand
For Federal recruits, “Union” was more than an ideal. It was darn near everything.
By Gary W. Gallagher

How to Market a Milestone
Fifty years ago, Americans commemorated the war’s anniversary with a profusion of centennial kitsch.

Buying Time
It’s a hot day in Gettysburg, there’s a hole in the Yankee line and reinforcements are nowhere in sight. Who ya gonna call?
By Jeffrey Maciejewski

We Are All Rebels
If there were any question about which side his family was on, young Aleck Mouton set the record straight.
By Jim Bradshaw

Irvin McDowell’s Best-Laid Plans
The general was surprised by a fresh contingent of Rebels at Bull Run—or not.
By Harry Smeltzer



Field Notes
Civil War news and history

5 Questions
Lincoln’s changing views

Cease Fire
Bring back historical fiction

Primary Sources
What not to wear

Pillage and plunder in Alabama

A Civil War Chronology


An anniversary three-fer, harried horsemen, a capital defense and a study in military leadership

A trip to Vicksburg could earn a Union man a bloody shirt