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Rebels in Check
Nobody played the game better than Bobby Lee. Until his luck ran out at Gettysburg.
By Ethan Rafuse

Could This Man Have Stopped the War?
James Buchanan left a monumental mess for the next guy to clean up.
By Thomas A. Horrocks

Coping With a Health Care Crisis
With a sea of wounded soldiers, the governments grappled with a demand that outpaced supply.

All in the Family
The Buford boys always knew how to fight. They came by it naturally.

‘It Is No Use Killing Them’
The 2nd Florida fought in Lee’s army, but forged its own stature.
By Zack C. Waters and James C. Edmonds

Tracing Natchez
From Grant’s mansion quarters to funky watering holes, Natchez oozes atmosphere.
By Joe Glickman


Open Fire!
Civil War news and history
5 Questions
Chasing a wartime paper trail
The Gathering Storm
Dred Scott fought the law. And the law won
Little of substance comprised the Union Army’s new clothes
A Civil War Chronology
Tigers and brothers in Gettysburg, military medicine, a view from Britain, Harry’s picks and a bit of celluloid fluff
Sometimes you really can’t judge a book by its cover