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Mosby’s Magic
The Gray Ghost always seemed to know where to scare up a little Yankee terror.
By Teri Johnson

The Hairy Nation Goes to War
The boys from Davis County, Iowa, were spoilin’ for a good fight.
By Robert B. Mitchell

Give Peace a Chance
Political has-beens gather to try to stop a secession juggernaut already out of control.
By Harold Holzer

Southern Discomfort
The biggest obstacle to forging the new Confederacy was…states’ rights.

Conscientious Objections
Hawthorne, Longfellow and Melville take issue with the new machines of war.
By Cynthia Wachtell

Seven Lives Altered by Shiloh
One big battle, seven individual destinies, hundreds of repercussions.



Field Notes
Civil War news and history

5 Questions
Take a Civil War tour—in Britain

Cease Fire
Goodbye to one of the National Archives’ most faithful volunteers

The Rebels won at High Bridge, but it was still a bridge too far

A Civil War Chronology


Reliving South Mountain, late-blooming Rebels and a Duke fluke

Nothing keeps you on pins and needles like combat