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The Graphic Life of John Lewis
The civil rights icon and 15-term congressman reaches a new constituency with a comic book–style memoir
by Gene Seymour

Correcting the Constitution
Was the Bill of Rights necessary?
by Richard Brookhiser

Freedom’s Dream Deferred
The backlash against Reconstruction put the promises of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments on hold
by Eric Foner

‘How Long Must We Wait?’
Alice Paul wanted to get women the vote, so she took her demands straight to the top
by J.D. Zahniser

In Pursuit of Justice
10 Supreme Court decisions that defined civil rights
by Allison Torres Burtka



American Mosaic

Caresse Crosby, free-spirited inventor

Buffalo Bill at Queen Victoria’s command

Civil rights organizer Bernard Lafayette

Game On
Women win big with Title IX

Déjà Vu
Does disarmament work?

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Top Bid
Campaign kitsch


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