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Remembering Kentucky’s Confederates

 by Geoffrey R. Walden, Arcadia Publishing, 2009, $21.99

 Geoffrey Walden’s new book Remembering Kentucky’s Confederates provides a rewarding look into the lives of the many Bluegrass Staters who served in the Confederate Army and the Kentucky legislature during the Civil War.

Walden divides his book into five sections. After examining the assorted preparations made for war across the state, he gives a detailed look at the soldiers and horsemen who served in Kentucky’s Rebel infantry and cavalry units. The final sections cover veteran reunions held after the war and some of the monuments that were erected in these men’s memory.

Walden includes a wide range of photos, with each accompanied by an excellent detailed description that provides ample information and background info about the individual or landmark. The extent of photos—and Walden says he found more in his research than he could even use—probably alone makes the volume worth buying. Indeed, this is a fine addition to anyone’s library.


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