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Abner Doubleday Facts

Abner DoubledayBorn

June 26, 1819 Ballston Spa, New York


January 26, 1893 Mendham, New Jersey

Years Of Service



Major General


I Corps
35th U. S. Infantry
24th U. S. Infantry


Mexican-American War
Seminole Wars
American Civil War
American Indian Wars

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Abner Doubleday summary: Abner Doubleday was an officer of the US. Army and a general for the Union during the Civil War. He was born in the state of New York in Ballston Spa. His family had a military tradition as his paternal grandfather also fought in the Revolutionary War while his maternal grandfather started his army career at the age of 14 and served as a mountain messenger for General George Washington. Doubleday spent most of his childhood between Auburn and Cooperstown. Before entering the U.S. Military Academy, he was a civil engineer and surveyor for close to two years. Doubleday started his career during the Mexican-American War and eventually the Seminole War and the Civil War.

Abner Doubleday In The Civil War

Doubleday is known for firing the first shot for the Union during the Confederate Bombardment which took place on April of 1861. In 1861, he was promoted to major and eventually went to Shenandoah Valley where he commanded the artillery department. In 1862, he became the brigadier general of volunteers and was eventually assigned to serve in Northern Virginia when the army of the Potomac was involved in the Peninsula Campaign. The first actual combat assignment for Doubleday was as the leader of the second brigade during the Northern Virginia Campaign. He served in Gettysburg, where he found that he was in command after John F. Reynolds died during the early part of the fight. Doubleday eventually took on administrative duties in Washington D.C. He took some legal experience from his new position because he was in charge of court’s marshal. Doubleday eventually became one of the biggest supporters of President Lincoln. In fact, he was with the president in the train ride that led to the Gettysburg Address.

Abner Doubleday After The Civil War

After the Civil War, Doubleday became colonel of the 35th infantry for the US. Doubleday is now buried at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.




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