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Would you donate money to Greece to bail them out?

5/30/2010 • History Questions - Discuss Daily History Questions And Answers

Would you donate money to Greece to bail them out?

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16 Responses to Would you donate money to Greece to bail them out?

  1. Mike H. says:

    Not “no”, but “HELL NO!”

    • Nina says:

      What does it matter who they are? A person in need is a person in need. A country in need is a country in need. You justify your stinginess. Why? Jesus said he will know those who clothed him when he was cold, those who fed him when he was hungry. Who have greeks ever helped?

      I am an American woman. I have worked since I was 16 most recently in non profit organizations with children. I am very smart and have many ideas about being the best citizen I can be. Right now I am sick, and who is helping me? A man from Greece who I met while he was studying here. Many Americans are Greeks and who are you to say they have not given to this country as much as you. A man is a man. With your “opinion” I think it is probably your duty to donate to Greece and learn humility.

  2. Chuck says:

    Who in heck did Greece ever help out?

    • Socrates says:

      I tell you why. because without Greeks you would live on the trees and you would eat roots for living! that’s why!
      Unhistorical person!

      • Nina says:

        Chuck, if you value your way of life, how could you ever say this? Ignorance.

  3. kebond says:

    Of course because without Greeks, and their “inventions”, like democracy, theatre, astronomy, culture, civilization e.t.c. where they have lawful rights, what would be our present life??????

    • Nina says:

      I wonder if this idea hurts Greece more than anything. You see there were democratic nations before, during, and even now. Many if not most indigenous nations around the world had very just and peaceful ways of life. It may be important to learn from those people now.

      Greed is part and parcel with civilization. And this point sets up a straw man to burn away which is that you should only help someone or some country if they have done something worthwhile in the eyes of the status quo. Hell, donate to Greece because you can and they need it and it is not the people’s fault that everywhere in the world the richest people horde wealth and suffocate the economy.

  4. antony says:

    allow them to go back to there own currency. so they can devalue . To donate by private sector as throwing money down the drain.

  5. inger says:

    of course, i want to donate money, there are kids being abandoned on the streets. please let me know where i can donate money.

    • Nina says:

      Inger, bless you. Seriously. May God bless you for your open and compassionate heart. That is the spirit. Nice to see someone sane here.

  6. Socrates says:

    Don t worry my friends! Sonner or later your turn will come! It’s all a major plan, can t you see >??????????????????

  7. Adrian says:

    Yes, let us know NOW where we can help. Steven Pressfield has an interesting book about Alcibiades if anyone is interested in Greek history.

  8. Cneu84 says:

    I would help Greece out. This is exactly the problem. People must realize that true democracy is power maintained by the people for the people. We hold the true power Yet we allow These (boundaries) countries we identify with are man made to divide us. We are the majority yet we are controlled by a few. That’s not what Greece stood on. If one economy such as greece which is in the euro domain was to suddenly return to its previous currencyIt will have global effects and there should be a global effort to confront every strife that Greece faces and that any other country. We have the same issues. Yet boundaries divide us. Look at the bigger picture. Time to emancipate your mind.

    • Nina says:

      Well said!!! Yes. exactly. We are all in this together , now more than ever. Ignorance is dangerous, we cannot afford to be this naive. Excellent comment.

  9. shakira says:

    WOW, i cant believe i didn’t have a clue about things that were going on in Greece at the moment till now as i have just sat and watched a program about how the people are constantly getting laid off work and the prices of benefits being cut, i mean here in the UK benefits go out to the people who first need it and that isn’t much but i mean imagine cutting that down and trying to manage providing for a family as well, also what really got me as well, because i am still at school and getting more and more aware of the unemployment teens these days , it really hit me when i saw that the teens in Greece my age were working so hard and had all there degrees and diplomers and living on what? nothing no job, one person said he owned a business which had over 4000 people working for him and now he had nothing, sat with his wife and baby going into a doctors where they have to even pay to get in just to get a supply of food for their family.
    this program made me realise so much, please if there is anyway i can donate i will, i will do as much as i can. please reply if you know anywhere where i could help please. thankyou.

  10. Mihai says:

    Yes, I would!

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