World War II July/August 2015 Table of Contents


cover story
Horror Show at Okinawa
The last great Pacific battle commenced as
a stroll but concluded in a bloody grind
Sharon Tosi Lacey

Nazi Fairy Tales
For the Third Reich there was no better time
to instill hatred than the children’s hour

What Was the War’s Best Decision?
A fresh round of expert insights on how the war
should and should not have been waged
Laurence Rees

Werwolfs of Deutschland
Was Germany’s mysterious last-ditch defense
all bark and no bite?
Gavin Mortimer

weapons manual
America’s P-38 Lightning
The “fork-tailed devil” had speed, substance, and
punch to go with an awesome sense of style
Jim Laurier

Let’s Put on a Show!
Wartime makes strange stage partners, as a
series of service productions demonstrated
Daniel B. Moskowitz


HistoryNet Reader


World War II Today
Hitler birthplace woes;
supership Musashi located;
Admiral James Stavridis’s
Reading List

Reuben Lewis on surviving
the Shoah and hunting Nazis
Michael Dolan

From the Footlocker
Curators at The National
World War II Museum solve
readers’ artifact mysteries

Fire for Effect
Bagration: the other Big One
Robert M. Citino

Time Travel
The Pacific War…in Texas
K. D. Leperi

Canada’s D-Day; how hate
hobbled the Wehrmacht;
General Lucian K. Truscott

Battle Films
Mrs. Miniver keeps
chin up, lip stiff
Mark Grimsley

Defiance defies belief


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  1. Richard Garstang

    On page 31 of the current issue of WWII, there is a series of photos of submariners manning the deck gun. Why is it that each man is wearing his helmet backwards?


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