Wild West Discussion – October 2009

Western screenplays put all sorts of interesting words in the mouths of fictional and historic characters. But actual Western frontier figures have produced their fair share of memorable (and perhaps even true) quotes. For instance, newspaperman William Forbes’ reason for investing in a saloon: “Of 20 men, 19 patronize the saloon and one the newspaper. I’m going with the crowd.” What’s the best quote you’ve heard from the real Wild West?

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    Having read Leon metz HARDIN, Texas is so very luckyto have someone with his knowledge and passion for factial accounts of o ld wetern outlaws. Thanks for a great read! sincerelyBUDDY SMITH VICSMITH1965@YAHOO.COM

  2. Steve McCarty

    “Easy boys, there’s Indians enough for everyone!” Heard by Giovanni Martini, as he turned away from Custer’s cheering troops as they rode down into the Valley of the Little BigHorn. Custer’s adjutant, Capt W.W. Cooke had just handed Martini the note ordering Benteen to “Be Quick” and come to their aid.

    In about 45 minutes they would all be dead. There were Indians enough to take care of Custer and his brave men.


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