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Wild West Discussion – February 2011

12/3/2010 • Discussions

Is the 175th anniversary of the Alamo something worth commemorating this February and March? Is the story of the siege and subsequent battle over that old San Antonio mission—and its consequences for Texas and the United States—one that all Americans (not just white Texans) should remember?

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3 Responses to Wild West Discussion – February 2011

  1. Sam Steffen says:

    I think so?

  2. michael bussey says:

    The story of the Alamo is firmly entrenched in American Psyche. Although the defenders were mostly white, there was a strong showing of Tejanos -one of whom’s brother was present at the fight in the service of Santa Ana.
    The stories of the black men, and their courage and resilience is certainly poignant, even though they escaped slaughter. Their stories are worth remembrance and respect.
    The first commemoration speech I am aware of was delivered by Juan Seguin, who was present at the Alamo, and avoided the fate of his fellows by having been sent on a mission to deliver a message from Col. Travis, and to scare up reinforcements.
    It was he that returned to Bexar a few months after the siege, and caused the ashes and mortal remains of the defenders to be gathered, and given a proper burial, albeit in two mass graves (the location of these burials has since been lost to history.
    It was at this burial that he commerated the defenders.
    Or was the first commemoration performed by the Texas Army on the Plain of San Jacinto, as they battled victoriously the forces of the Mexican President, winning the freedom of Texas, and the eventual annexation of the entire Southwest by the USA? During that short, furious fight the cry rang out, REMEMBER THE ALAMO!
    The siege and battle of the Alamo marked a pivotal moment in the destiny of the US. It forever altered our future, and etched itself into the essence of who we, as Americans, are.
    If we ever forget the Alamo, we shall forget our nation’s soul.
    So I roar like Sam Houston did that fateful April day:


  3. John Koster says:

    Absolutely worth commemorating, especially when told from both sides.

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