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Wild West Discussion – December 2009

10/1/2009 • Discussions

Famous brothers fought on both sides of the law in the Old West. Which of the following sets of brothers do you find most representative of the Wild West and/or are the ones you would most want to meet: Wyatt, Virgil, Morgan and Warren Earp; Bat, Jim and Ed Masterson; Cole, Jim, Bob and John Younger; Jesse and Frank James; Frank, Bob, Emmett, Grat and Bill Dalton; William and Charles Bent; Michael and John Meagher; Ike and Billy Clanton; Tom and Frank McLaury; George and Tom Custer; or John Wesley and Jeff Davis Hardin?

2 Responses to Wild West Discussion – December 2009

  1. John Koster says:

    George and Tom Custer, without a doubt. So many questions haven’t been answered.

    • james whited says:

      i just watched about frank on the history channel his story seems very true i mean what really got me is that he knew about the bad streams and found a good one which is true i was at the site this summer and it would be amazing to get away from any thing in that open area but i sure beleive he did

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