Wild West Discussion – August 2012

There is only one authenticated photograph of Billy the Kid, although other alleged shots of the infamous outlaw have turned up from time to time. Do you believe another photo of the Kid exists? If one did, what episode of Billy’s life would you like it to capture: His jail break in Lincoln? Court appearance in Mesilla? Tryst with a girlfriend in Fort Sumner? Standing anywhere at all but not looking so goofy?

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  1. Chris Lampe

    I believe other images of the Kid exist but I don’t believe I’ve seen any of them, despite 10 years of following the subject very closely. Based on what I know about the family in Kansas, at least during that period they seemed to have reached a decent level of affluence. It’s hard to believe that images wouldn’t have been taken during that time, although they would be hard to identify due to his age.

    I would prefer to see an image of Billy that was taken sometime between Febuary and July of 1878. My primary interest in BTK is as a warrior during the Lincoln County War rathat than his career as an outlaw. I would really like to see an image of him posing with someone like Fred Waite, who had a very unusual and distinctive appearance and for whom several other images exist.


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