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Wild West Discussion – April 2012

2/6/2012 • Wild West Discussions

Whom do you consider the most significant Lakota (Sioux) of the Old West: Sitting Bull, a warrior turned spiritual leader and Little Bighorn participant; Crazy Horse, another Little Bighorn participant and a relentless warrior in other battles; Red Cloud, a warrior and chief who beat the U.S. Army in a war named for him; or another?

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  1. James Creeden says:

    I think sitting Bull probably had the most influence on the tribes with
    Crazy Horse aa close second. Crazy Horse saw the encroaching
    white man as a direct threat to his People and he was right!! Only he was right but even he could not forsee the horrible retribution that would be exacted from his people. The white man did terrible things to the Natives in the name of “western expansion”.

  2. Roberto (italy) says:

    Crazy Horse, as he never travelled on a train, met a President, stayed overnight in a hotel, dressed as a white man, wanted to be sure his wife was OK before going to the place where he knew he would have been killed

    • Red Johnson says:

      Crazy Horse was rightfully called the Strange One by the Lakota nation. He refused to participate in the Sun Dance, disappeared for days at a time for no apparent reason, stole another mans wife (which he got shot in the face for), had the warrior shirt taken away from him and was taken out of the warrior society (although he was a great warrior…probably the greatest ever), but not very wise. He nearly starved to death a thousand faithful followers, and unlike the myth he did unconditionally surrender at Hat Creek. Red Cloud and Spotted tail were able to use him for their own gains. He was never a chief for good reason. I could go on and on as to why he wasn’t the greatest Lakota overall, but he was their greatest warrior ever.

  3. Red Johnson says:

    There were certainly many great Lakota personalities, but push comes to shove the greatest of them all, in my humble opinion, was hands down Spotted Tail. Red Cloud hated him for killing his relative (whom tried to shoot Spotted Tail in the back after inviting him to dinner); yet he respected him above all others. When spotted tail once called for all Lakota to ride south to hunt buffalo and kill Pawnee half of Red Cloud’s warriors left him. Spotted Tail manipulated the U.S. Government like a violin does to sound to extend their way of life as long as he could without going to war and losing everything. He was intelligent and wise. A great leader of men. It should be him on the mountain instead of Crazy Horse.

  4. Burl Murry says:

    I’ve read that Gall was a great man. When Reno’s group hit the South end of the village with volley fire it killed a number of his family. He stripped down got a couple of hatches and went to killing troopers. His energy so charged those around him it set the tone for the whole fight. His abilities were noted well before Little Big Horn, he was a brave and affective fighter and had good leadership skills. After the wars he settled in to diplomacy and tried to make some kind of a life for his people. I think there were a lot of great Indian leaders. It’s hard to pick the best. However, for this page in history Gall deserves a truck load of credit.

  5. Heinz Gosepath says:

    Der größte und tapferste Kämpfer der Lakota Oglalla war wohl Crazy Horse.Er war auch in Friedenszeiten immer für sein Volk dar.Er hat sich immer für die Armen und Alten eingesetzt.Auf seinen Kriegszügen hat er nie etwas für sich behalten,sonder an die Bedürftigen abgegeben.Auch bei seinen eigenen Leuten wurde er als wichtigster und größter Anführer angesehen.

    The biggest and bravest fighter who was Lakota Oglalla crazy was Horse.Er even in times of peace for his people dar.He has campaigned for the poor and elderly.On his raids he has never keep something for himself, but given to the needy.He was regarded as the most important and biggest leader among his own people.

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