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December 2015 Table of Contents

By HistoryNet Staff
10/5/2015 • Wild West Magazine


Cover Story
Billy the Kid’s Final Escape
By Paul Andrew Hutton
In April 1881, facing a death sentence, the Kid escaped from New Mexico’s Lincoln County Courthouse—and two deputies paid the price

Curtis Close-ups
A portfolio of compelling portraits by Edward S. Curtis, a photographer committed to recording American Indian faces, traditions and spirituality

The Actor and the Outlaw
By Abraham Hoffman
William S. Hart chanced upon outlaw Al Jennings in Oklahoma Territory in 1897, and years later their paths crossed again in the Hollywood hills

Western Art for the War Weary
By Dan Flores
In the Civil War era artists Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran and photographer William Henry Jackson offered relief from battlefield images

Jug of Empire
By Reid Mitenbuler
Whiskey made the scene early in the Wild West, but not until the frontier was largely tame did reformers push for quality standards

The Bleeding Ground
By John H. Monnett
In 1868 Kansas homesteaders shared horror stories of Cheyenne raids, but some also spoke of white outlaws in the mix of marauders

ON THE COVER: Don Prechtel’s Escape of Billy the Kid suggests the deadly nature of the New Mexico Territory outlaw who was sentenced to hang for shooting a Lincoln County sheriff and then killed two Lincoln County deputies to cheat the hangman. (© Don Prechtel, Creswell, Ore.)

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Editor’s Letter



Just whose profile is on the Indian Head nickel?

By Candy Moulton
Photographer, author and curator Christopher Cardozo discusses Edward S. Curtis

Gunfighters and Lawmen
By Don Chaput
Nevada miner, lawman, fighter and saloonman Dick Paddock knew how to hide a gun and found death by one

Pioneers and Settlers
By Jim Winnerman
French Icarians sought to create a socialist utopia in America until money woes ended their dream

Western Enterprise
By Bill Farley
Jim Murray followed seven strategies to make a million and then some on the Western frontier

Art of the West
By Johnny D. Boggs
Kiowa beadworker Teri Greeves applies her craft in striking traditional and contemporary fashion

Indian Life
By John Koster
Buffalo Bird Woman shared Hidatsa history and hands-on tips about her people’s farming techniques

Ghost Towns
By Terry Halden
Residents of the Montana mountain mining town of Coloma were rich in gold—and books

By Linda Wommack
The Union Pacific Railroad Museum is in Council Bluffs, Iowa—one end of the first transcontinental railroad

Guns of the West
By J.R. Sanders
The Burgess folding shotgun was concealable and quick to fire, delivering six rounds in three seconds

Western author and film buff Johnny D. Boggs suggests 10 “Must See, Must Read” Christmas offerings

Go West!
North Dakota’s Badlands are good medicine



Billy the Kid Encore
Learn more about the Kid’s April 1881 breakout from the Lincoln County Courthouse in New Mexico Territory and other Kid facts

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