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Wild West – December 2012 – Table of Contents

10/3/2012 • Wild West TOC

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Cover Story
Brothers of the Gun: Wyatt and Doc
By Gary L. Roberts
One was a clear-eyed, stalwart lawman, the other a charming killer dying of tuberculosis, yet they became devoted frontier friends

International Incident on the Arkansas River
By John Gorenfeld and Will Gorenfeld
After gaining its independence, the Republic of Texas had many border clashes with Mexico, but in June 1843 armed Texians faced off against American soldiers near the Santa Fe Trail

The Sheriff Who Took on the Apache Kid
By R.K. DeArment
Sheriff Glenn Reynolds, with just one deputy and a stagecoach driver, put his life on the line to transport the rowdy Kid and eight other convicts to Yuma Territorial Prison

Wild Bill’s Brawl With Custer’s Troopers
By Jeff Broome
Details are thin about the July 1870 clash in a Hays City, Kansas, saloon. But much has come to light about the two 7th Cavalry troopers who faced the rugged Deputy U.S. Marshal Hickok

Last of the Western Badmen?
By Richard Selcer
“Buffalo Tom” Vernon was a legendary outlaw in his own mind, but derailing and robbing the West Coast Flyer in 1929 hardly made him another Jesse James or Butch Cassidy

Editor’s Letter


Historian Gary Roberts looks at the Top 10 women in the lives of Doc Holliday and pal Wyatt Earp, and we look at a private frontier town in Colorado, a grave matter involving Billy the Kid, and Wild Bill Hickok’s legacy in Springfield, Missouri

By Candy Moulton
Have you heard the one about the comedienne who writes prolifically about the American West? Let Chris Enss tell it

Denver gunsmith J.P. Lower shows that practice makes perfect, or close to it, when shooting a hammerless Sharps-Borchardt Model 1878 rifle

Gunfighters and Lawmen
By Larry Wood
The Missouri Kid and his sidekick created something of a criminal sensation, but they didn’t make anyone forget the James-Younger Gang

Western Enterprise
By John Koster
Pioneer balloonist and inventor Thaddeus Lowe had another lofty vision, the Mount Lowe Railway near Los Angeles, but it crashed—financially

Indian Life
By Sherry Robinson
Massai and Zanagoliche, an Apache couple whose relationship began with an abduction, lived off the res for 16 years, dodging troops and raising children


Pioneers and Settlers
By Ramon Vasconcellos
As head of the Workingmen’s Party of California, media-savvy Irish-American firebrand Denis Kearney helped foster anti-Chinese sentiment

Art of the West
By Johnny D. Boggs
Although born in California, Maynard Dixon (1875–1946) found his highest inspiration to the east in the Arizona desert

Author Gary Roberts examines Doc Holliday’s friendship with Wyatt Earp in books and on film. Plus a DVD review of 1939’s Frontier Marshal, with Randolph Scott as Wyatt Earp, and reviews of recent Western history books

Ghost Towns
By Les Kruger
The once prosperous Kansas farming community of Quincy is now home to about 15 people

By Linda Wommack
A Welcome Gallery and Circle of Life window greet visitors to the Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum in Ignacio, Colorado

Guns of the West
By Dave Lanara
A gun collector’s relic Sharps rifle with J.P. Lower stamped on its barrel matches the description of a rifle the sharpshooting Denver gunsmith used to fight off Indians in 1879

Go West!
We light the Joshua tree for Christmas

On the cover: In Santa Fe artist Thom Ross’ painting Wyatt and Doc, lawman Earp (left) and gambler Holliday stand together, ready for action. Although exceptional friends in Tombstone and elsewhere, they were apparently never photographed together. (Image: © Thom Ross, Courtesy of Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery, Bellevue, Wash.)



Discussion: How do you feel about vigilante (read “mob”) action in the Wild West? Was it ever justified? Specifically, was it justified in the case of Jim Miller, aka “Killin’ Jim” and “Deacon Jim”? Miller had gotten away with murder one way or another for a quarter century before some 40 citizens of Ada, Oklahoma, took him out of jail and hanged him in 1909

WWHA Article Winner
At its August convention the Wild West History Association gave Texas author Bill O’Neal its lifetime achievement award and also a Six-Shooter Award for his article “Texas: Gunfighter Capital of the West.” Read it on our Web site

Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Posse
The posse Wyatt assembled in 1882 to protect his family against the Cowboys and hunt for the ones who shot brother Morgan included Earp supporter Doc Holliday

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