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August 2015 • Table of Contents

By HistoryNet Staff
7/1/2015 • Wild West TOC

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Cover Story
The State of Jesse James
By Jim Winnerman
Missouri was central in the life of the infamous outlaw—he was born there, committed most of his crimes there and died a violent death there

How to Kill a Western Town
By Bill Markley
Once labeled the “City of Promise,” LeBeau, South Dakota, started its death spiral after the saloon shooting of a popular ranch manager

Allan Pinkerton: ‘They Must Die’
By Ron Soodalter
Ridding the country of the James-Younger Gang was high on the agenda of the founder of Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency

Rough on Rats and Siblings
By R. Michael Wilson
While not as violent as a bushwhack, the poisonings of Louis and Susie Belew in Dixon, California, still called for a hanging

Where the Pronghorns Play
By Dan Flores
Though they resemble African antelopes, pronghorns emerged from their own line to become masters of the American Plains

On the Cover: This 2015 Robert Hunt painting of a teenage Jesse James (1847–82) was inspired by a July 10, 1864, photograph taken during a Rebel guerrilla raid on Platte City, Mo. (



Editor’s Letter



By Candy Moulton
Indian wars expert Gregory Michno doesn’t shy away from controversy in his books about Sand Creek, Wounded Knee and other conflicts

Working like a dog on the Deadwood Central

Gunfighters and Lawmen
By Andrew Hind
The Newton brothers spanned the era between Old West outlaws and Dust Bowl desperadoes

Pioneers and Settlers
By Connie Cherba
The elusive “Buckskin Jo” Phillips served as an Army scout and later toured with a band of Indians

Western Enterprise
By Melody Groves
Sadie Orchard proved a shrewd businesswoman beyond her bordellos but never achieved Victorian ladyhood

Art of the West
By Johnny D. Boggs
The Whitney in Cody, Wyoming, holds some 7,000 Old and New West works—every one a favorite

Indian Life
By Mike Coppock
The warlike Tlingits of southeast Alaska fought other tribes, Russians, Americans and one another

Ghost Towns
By Terry Halden
Gleeson, Arizona, lured in its population of prospectors with turquoise, gold, silver and, finally, copper

By Linda Wommack
Attention, museumgoers! Bentonville, Arkansas—Walmart’s corporate headquarters—is also home to the Museum of Native American History

Guns of the West
By George Layman
British Bull Dogs were the pride of a New Mexico Indian agent, a Missouri “Bald Knobber” and many others

Johnny D. Boggs investigates the Pinkerton agents in books and movies. Plus reviews of recent books about Charles Russell, John Mullan and California Indians

Go West!
Southwest Oregon’s deep, blue and beautiful Crater Lake



Coyote: An American Original
In the 1920s the coyote began an unprecedented and historic expansion of its range, as explained by author Dan Flores in his Wrangler Award–winning article

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