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Why Did Adolf Hitler Kill Jewish People?

12/3/2013 • Ask Mr. History

Why did Adolf Hitler kill Jewish people?


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Entire books have been written on this matter, and it is still debated as to how much of that hatred was Adolf Hitler’s own and how much was he just pandering to the reviving hatred that had been in the German people (and a good many other European Christians) since medieval times. We know Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich took the whole thing seriously (and unfortunately were in the best positions to do something about it), but one thing is certain—Hitler did not “kill the Jewish people” all by himself. And neither did the Germans!



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9 Responses to Why Did Adolf Hitler Kill Jewish People?

  1. Bob Brown says:

    Whilst I agree that throughout history most European countries acted against resident Jews for one reason or another, we must not loose sight of the fact that the German Nazi regime was the only one to carry out wholesale genocide.
    In fact, Germany in the late 1880’s, also nearly wiped-out the Herero tribe in what is now Namibia.

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  3. Dan says:

    Probably the same reasons that the Romans engaged in a massive war with the Jews in Cyrencia, Crete, Cyrus, Levant, Egypt in the Kitos Wars. Competing groups jostling for money and power. The news in Europe were concentrated in Eastern Europe AKA the Pale and this is where Hitler wished to colonize and settle territory with Germans. Get rid of one managerial elite and replace it with another.
    In Germany the Jews tended to do quite well, plenty of doctors, professors, manufacturers…same thing in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czech, Slovakia. The plan was to replace these people with Germans heading east.

  4. Amaechi Anyaegbunam says:

    I am surprised this topic is still being debated. Hitler killed the Jews in order that Goerring, Goebbels etc could rob Jews of their wealth. Hitler was deceived into the total murder of the Jews. Hitler may have wished for a limited action against the Jews like resettlement. Hitler hated Jews because Jews purveyed the ideas Hitler hated most- Communism and the Jews strive for equality in Europe.

  5. Amaechi Anyaegbunam says:

    I wish to explain further why Adolf Hitler killed the Jews. The Jews in Germany and Austria possessed substantial private and industrial property that the Nazis, especially Goerring and the Gauleitersr, wanted. From 1934 to 1939 the Jews were allowed to emigrate with their some of their property being bought at less than 10% their values and with others being confiscated outright. The Jews in the Slav lands had their own property in gold and diamonds carried on their persons in secret pouches in their dresses or as dental fixtures. If these Jews were simply resettled somewhere it is very obvious they will demand their properties back or proper compensation for them. The solution to this embarrassing problem. Liquidate the Jews completely. The dead cannot speak! Hitler wanted the Jews to be evacuated from Germany to stop them from contaminating Aryan blood. Goerring and the Gauleiters simply deceived him into agreeing to their liquidation. I don’t know the convincing reason they gave Hitler to get his consent. But their own reason was to rob Jews of their properties and wealth!

  6. Amaechi Anyaegbunam says:

    As proof of my ideas above the Frankish Crusaders did the same thing in 1099AD when they captured Jerusalem. They swore an oath that any crusader that enters any house first has the ownership of everything in the dwelling. Hence, when they entered Jerusalem they slaughtered every Muslim and Jew they encountered within its walls to fulfill their objectives of robbing the inhabitants of their properties. If the Crusaders did not kill the citizens of Jerusalem in 1099 AD the former would have kept on talking about this robbery to the discomfiture and embarrassment of the Crusaders.

  7. joe joe says:

    well i stand right this moment and say that Adolf Hitler hated the Jews because he believed they weren’t worthy of being recognized as real humans because of them being Jewish.

  8. Vick says:

    So he hated Jews because they were Jews. Say what???

  9. Omar Farooq says:

    Burn the past guys
    take a look at the present! do any of u guys realize what the jews (Israelis) are doing these days..
    hitler said \ I may destroy all the zionists (jews) in this world, but I have left a few some to lived so that you will understand why I killed them.\

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