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Who is Susan Laurson Wilig?

By Mr. History
4/26/2016 • Ask Mr. History


Who is/ was Susan Laurson Wilig? I’ve seen this quote by her: “Limited expectations yield only limited results.”

However I cannot find anything about her.

Triseinge Ortiz




Dear Ms Ortiz,

Susan Laurson Willig seems to be something of a “one hit wonder” when it comes to catchy quotations. The only other things commonly known of her is that she lived in Queensbury, New York and Sierra Vista, Arizona, she is currently in her 60s and she is (or was) a counselor at Sierra Vista Public Schools United, District 68. If you happen to be in or near Sierra Vista, you might drop by and get further details from the proverbial horse’s mouth.



Jon Guttman

Research Director

World History


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