What was the worst military blunder in history?

What was the worst military blunder in history?

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  1. Patrick McManus

    No doubt that Hitler’s decision to launch a 2 front war was the worst military decion in histrory.

  2. Steve Jarvis

    Operation Market-Garden, for many reasons. The intel hinted that the British 1st Airborne was jumping into a possible meatgrinder & they ignored it. Also, the negative affect it had on the Allied offensive. All resources had to be diverted to Gen Montgomery, which forced the advancing Allies to halt. This in turn gave the Germans just enough time to regroup & prepare defenses. Anyone should have been able to look at the plan & plainly see the pitfalls involved. I do believe that they decision to allow it was a political one & not a military decision. The Allies still won in spite of this battle, but at what cost?

  3. Dave E.

    #1 Hitler’s invasion of Russia.
    Runner-up Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.
    Is there a lesson here?

    Market-Garden merely slowed the momentum of what was ultimately a successful campaign. The failure of the two invasions mentioned above each doomed a would-be empire and both determined the shape of Europe for half a century to come.

  4. Peter Rhodan

    Where do you start – what about the Burmese guys who cut of the heads of the Mongol Ambassadors…… that worked well….

    Of all the great decisions in history probably none beats Hitler declaring war on America….. single most stupid thing of all time.
    Roosevelt would have been forced to concentrate on the Japs if Hitler had just SHUT UP!!!!


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