What was the most influential weather event in history?

What was the most influential weather event in history?

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  1. Darryl MacDonald, Canada

    The “dust bowl” of the 30?s combined with the (then) economy.

    • themba

      yesterday at night it was cloudy all over the sky. but one place where I was had an opening the size of a lake. when I took a peek after a mitnute the clouds were back again. Florida Rd-Durban-Kzn-RSA. That quite strange.

  2. Steve Wyett

    The twin typhoons that added up to “divine wind” in 1274 and 1281, which allowed Japan uninterrupted cultural cohesion.

  3. philip

    The dry spell that prevented Grant from building a dam at Vicksburg.

  4. Vol Williams

    The Midieval Warm Period which fostered the huge world population explosion and the Mini Ice Age that followed which nearly destroyed civilization. People talk about Global Warming Climate Change now, ha!

  5. Dr. Paul

    Soviet Winter that Kept the German army west of Moscow…….

  6. Akhsar

    several candidates:
    1 – lake taupo explosion 72,000 years ago
    2 -Toba explosion in 182 AD destroying Han empire and leading to the murder of Commodus
    3 – Fog over NY and Brooklyn in 1776 saving USA
    4 – destruction of Armada in 1588
    5 – winter of 1812.
    6 – tsunami 13-14,000 which allowed Habiru and Moshe (Jews and Moses) to pass and buried an Egyptian army
    7 – fog over mediterranean in 1799 which allowed Napoleon to leave Egypt alive.

  7. Akhsar

    one more candidate – great flood burying Sunda shelf in the South china sea 10.000 years ago

  8. Lyndon

    The freezing weather in North Korea in December 1950 which slowed up the 1st Division U.S.M.C.


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