What was the greatest historical event that occurred in your lifetime?

What was the greatest historical event that occurred in your lifetime?

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  1. Karel Polanský

    The August 21. 1968 when Soviet dictator Breznev sent primitive Russian soldiers to suppress nucleus of freedom in my country Czechoslovakia. I was 23 old this time and I spent all the day in the streets of Praha…

  2. David Pulliam

    9/11, or the end of the USSR, but I don’t remember it happening. I was still just learning about my own backyard.

  3. Jerry Parker

    The fall of the Berlin Wall, among many great events.

    • Mike FRancella

      I agree. I was around when it went up, and and never imagined in my lifetime it would come down. Like all history, no matter how far you want to go back-2,3 4 thousand years, it all comes down to money.

  4. Bill Wells

    Moon landing for me. Too young to appreciate it at the time but looking back it is a great reminder of what we can accomplish when we focus on a goal as a society.

  5. Bluto Smatz

    Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon; Berlin Wall coming down & Soviet Union collapsing

  6. Dudley Ristow

    The headlines that I particularly recall vividly – the Hungarian uprising, the Sputnik launch, the erection of the Berlin Wall, JFK’s assassination, the landing on the Moon, Fall of Berlin Wall, dissolution of the USSR, 9/11, Mandela’s release and the First democratic voting in RSA, Death of Princess Diana (only for its shock factor) Hurricane Katrina, Far East Tsunami,

  7. huzaifa

    technically, the Monica Lewinsky scandal was happening around the time I was born. The same year, Osama bin Laden declared jihad on America. But the first election I can scarcely recall is of George W. Bush when I was in preschool. First astronauts in the ISS. Wikipedia launched.
    9/11. Though I was a young child and I didn’t understand the significance, I was very puzzled when hearing that someone crashed TWO planes in a building. First crash should have been obvious enough to show that the plane needed to turn around…just find a runway, I thought.

    runner ups

    That tsunami that happened around when Katrina hit…also Katrina herself.

    Black Monday- the Great Recession of 2008-2012.
    First black president.
    the bp oil spill


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