What is the most important event in Marine Corps aviation?

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In the month of May the U.S. Marine Corps celebrates a century of aviation. What are your picks for the most important events in Marine aviation history? Who are your favorite flying leathernecks?

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  1. DrMule

    Creation of Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 at Yuma, AZ (1 June 1978)
    This standardized tactics and procedures across Marine aviation and made Marines involved in aviation (not just pilots) but command and control, logisticians, and support group – types develop procedures to better integrate aviation into ground scheme of maneuver. This resulted superb air support for infantry units as witnessed in Afghanistan, Iraq.

  2. Mike H.

    I don’t know if this was the most important event in USMC Aviation history, but the survival and eventual success over the IJN air groups by the Cactus Air Force on Guadalcanal is certainly one of the most famous.


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