What has been humanity’s greatest achievement?

What has been humanity’s greatest achievement?

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  1. Ryan Anderson

    Landing on the Moon. We went from first flight to landing on another celestial body in about 65 years.

  2. Catherine

    Technologically, Ryan is right. But my vote would have to be for the United States Constitution. What an amazing achievement, to go against any andl all previous governmental models in all of history and establish a govenment that exists for the protection of individual rights! For the first time in history, the people were no longer serving the state, but the other way around. Of course, too many acts in this counry somehow bypass the Constitution and the intent ot the Founders, but the document itself is one off the greatest gifts a group of people have ever given to all people.

  3. Dean

    The Moon landings and constitutions may be great, but they can’t hold a candle to Voyager 1 – the only man-made object to leave our solar system. I can’t think of a more amazing achievemnt than that.

  4. Andrew

    I think our greatest achievement is written language and an understanding of mathematics

  5. frank

    i believe i have the answer as to the single greatest achievement in history by
    a single person and i challenge anyone to come up with a better answer…

    while ‘totally deaf’ … beethoven created his 9th symphony!

    the 9th symphony was not only beethoven’s greatest achievement,
    it is generally considered to be the single greatest classical masterpiece…

    and by many (including myself) — the single greatest musical composition of all time…

    and beethoven accomplished this incredible miracle while ‘totally deaf’ !!!

    now let’s put this into perspective….

    while other people have succeeded in creating astonishing works of art
    (michaelangelo and his David ,,,,)

    or engineering/ science/ medicine/ warfare and conquest/ etc

    all of them did it with their EYES and EARS working just fine

    just try to imagine michaelangelo’s David or da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
    or guttenberg creating the printing press…

    WITHOUT EYES to see …

    so, to create not just a ‘good’ or even ‘excellent’ musical composition
    without the benefit of HEARING … but to create the GREATEST
    musical composition in history WITHOUT HEARING…

    that is undoubtedly the greatest single human individual achievement in history

    do you agree?

  6. Brett Warren

    Hands down, I say the root of all great breakthroughs; education. Today, we have so many seeds planted by past scientists and artists, that we have never had more opportunities to branch off these and advance the human condition.

    The dumbing down of said knowledge is another thing entirely.

  7. Philip Kennedy

    Well….speaking as a musician the act of hearing plays a less significant roll than one may think. Having the ability to play by ear is a gift most people are privileged to have – even those who don’t consider themselves musicians. To a large degree humans can reproduce music and sounds they hear just my whistling or singing etc. If one has the understanding of written music it is not a huge leap to imagine an individual writing a score of music on paper that is considered to be magnificent. What would be more impressive is if Beethoven had never been able to hear but still was able to produce the same quality of music. It could be seen as an outstanding ability to recognize musical theory in written form. Also one must consider that the appreciation of music is subjective and some folks can’t stand listening to classical music or progressive jazz but think Snoop Doggie Dog (forgive my spelling please) is the bomb. I think Beethoven was a genius too but his heading or lack there of creates a bit of confusion as to the extraordinary circumstances regarding his achievement. Not to take away from his effort – it just gives the impression of something impossible that quit clearly was not.

    • Tessa

      In short I agree with Philip. People have the tendency to want to make certain people seem godlike. Yes, they are very smart individuals. Look around there’s plenty of these people and our local neighborhoods that get looked over every day. Use your own mind people not everything that comes out of the book is a fact or even true. because everyday a genius is born what are they are recognized or not.

  8. Robert Mays

    I believe that the Periodic Table that shows every possible natural occurring element in existence (and several man-made elements) is the single most significant achievement in all of human history. It was created from the work of several thousand people over a time span of more than a hundred years. It is the essence of pure unambiguous unquestionable fact. Yet none seem to understand the totality of the implications relevent to this monumental product.


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