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What 5th Column was the most effective in history?

6/11/2010 • History Questions - Discuss Daily History Questions And Answers

What 5th Column was the most effective in history?

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  1. Chuck says:

    I’m not too sure about “5th column” but I think that al the columns that hold up our beloved constitution are in danger from being knocked down by our present administration.

  2. Bill says:

    The most effective 5th Column in recent history would be the Catholic Church which helped the Poles bring down the Communist Party in Poland. From there the effect was unstoppable.

    And Chuck if you are really concerned about the beloved Constitution then you are raling at the wrong President but this is a History site and not a Political one so I will suspend further political comment and ask that you do the same.

  3. Darryl Raby says:

    YES, YES. If don’t know what a term is ASK!! someone will reply. Bill good choice with the Church, I wanted to say the French Milace, but they were constantly at war with Resistance.

  4. Chuck says:

    Bill, thank you for your comment. Yes I know this is a history site but since this question went for 3 days without a comment, I didn’t think anyone knew what a 5th column was. I thought I would stir things up a bit. Apparently it worked.

  5. thethar says:

    Soviet spies in the US during the Cold War including the Rosenbergs & Klaus Fuchs who gave the Russian Communists information about the atomic bomb .

  6. John Basham says:

    The drug trade. This may be a bit broad in scope but I feel it is somewhat “5th Column” in that it is and has been a major player in world wide affairs since the Crusades and possibly before. The assasins used in the Crusades were addicts that were rewarded with dope for carrying out “hits,” The British/Chinese opium wars, the way in which it has brought so much instability to the governments of so many Central and South American countrys.Throw in most of the Carribean Isles, South East Asia, Afghanistan, etal. When you consider the resources [money, manpower, etc.] that are expended on this problem by so many countrys you could in fact say that wittingly or not the “druggies” are in League with all enemies of freedom by the diversion of resources and the poisoning of the people. I know, this sounds like “A Rant,” sorry ’bout that.

  7. Chemerdjb says:

    Speaking in strickly terms of a war I would say that the VC/NVA infiltrators were right up there with other groups.

    Tito’s Partisans also come to mind

  8. Frank says:

    Back in my younger years ( 1966-67 ) , I was the lead singer in a club band in western New York called ‘The Legends’. When we started writing and planned on recording, we changed our band name to the ‘5th Column’. At that time, after we had a manager, printed business cards, and set up recording appointment. My father, who was in the Army Airforce during World War II, told me a story about the ‘Fifth Column’. He said they were a group of soldiers, that would ‘clean up’ a town or village after the attacking European Army would conquer an area by getting rid of all possible threats to the new reigiem. I think he knew his history well.

  9. sean says:

    for the love of god people, look up the meaning of the term before responding. honestly

  10. sean says:

    I honestly don’t have an opinion about ” the most effective” fifth column group, but for the people that want to respond to this without spending the 60 seconds to use an online dictionary, here you go: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/206477/fifth-column

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