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Was it right to criticize Charles Lindbergh for his isolationist views?

1/15/2013 • Aviation History Discussion, Discussions

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Charles Lindbergh earned international adulation as the first to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic, but by the outbreak of World War II he was roundly criticized for his isolationist views. Was that criticism justified, and did it damage his historical legacy?

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3 Responses to Was it right to criticize Charles Lindbergh for his isolationist views?

  1. David says:

    In the context of then versus now, nobody is really aware of his political activism. In the thirties, however, Lindy went against the flow of gearing up for war. Maybe it was fortuitous that he did, as he had far more flexibility as a tech rep than he’d of had as a member of the military.

  2. furnicons says:

    Hello David, i am also agreed with your words. Thanks for sharing your view on Charles Lindbergh.


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