The Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration Kicks Off at Annual Memorial Day Ceremony at The Wall

The Department of Defense 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War is slated to get its official kickoff at the annual Memorial Day ceremony held at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

The decade-long commemoration is under the direction of retired Army Lt. Gen. Claude “Mick” Kicklighter, a Vietnam War veteran who emphasizes that the effort will be grassroots in nature. Kicklighter said Memorial Day was to be the first day of a nationwide drive to recruit 7,500 community partners to participate in the commemoration by 2015 .

See Vietnam magazine’s interview with General Kicklighter

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  1. COL Joe Potter, USAF (ret)

    I met General Kicklighter many years ago…..1988, when he was the CG of the 25th Infantry Division. We, and our wives, became very close friends after I gave him two VCRs, one for him and one for the 25th Infantry Division Museum……made in 1935 that showed the 25th ID ‘passing in review’ for the Secretary of War, and ‘voiced over’ by General LeMay of WWII fame. I later saw him at the Pentagon when he was Director of Army Personnel. After he retired, I visited him once again at the VA in Washington DC…..then ‘lost track of him’. So, would you please show him my message and ask him to please email me so that we can ‘link up’ again? Thank You.


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