VFW’s John Hamilton Goes to the Mat for Veterans

John Hamilton received three Purple Hearts during his service in the Vietnam War. Afterward, he was a pro wrestler known as Dr. Death. Since July 2013, he has been adjutant general of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. In an interview that appeared in the August 2014 issue of Vietnam magazine he talks about his own experiences, the need to help our veterans returning from America’s most recent wars, and the VFW’s plans for the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

Click here to download a pdf of "VFW’s John Hamilton goes to the mat for veterans."

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  1. Teri Pecosini

    Dear Mr. John Hamilton:
    We thank you for the calendar and will be sending a small donation to our Veterans. Please continue to see that they are well taken care of. We have been supporting our Congressman John Mica here in our Florida district to get that V.A. Hospital open and running properly after years of delays. My husband and I are both war orphans and I just lost my brother to Mesothelioma, approximately a year ago from being on a ship in the Vietnam War.

    Finally, the cards you sent, though very nice, however did you notice are “Made in China” which helps take JOBS away from our Veterans and fellow Americans which is a disgrace and a travesty especially for the VFW whose pride is America? Then go support another country?

    In your letter to us you are banging your chest about the American Veteran, America, and Americans, then you go and do business with a foreign country under the American flag! Can’t you find a company here is America??? Hope this helps and look forward to your response.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Teri Pecosini

    P.S. In addition, there is a campaign by ABC World News about “Made in America” going on over 2 years now. Prices for products for some are the same, or even cheaper so there is no excuse. Maybe they can help find you an American Company so we can put Vets back to work. The contact for this campaign is David Muir at abcnews.go.com and go to the “Contact Us” section.

    Cc: Mr. David Muir, ABC World News

  2. Paul Grav

    Hello John, You don’t know me but we have a mutual friend in Cody, Wyoming. Jack Martin is a friend of mine and he called to tell me about you, since I am a Marine and so is Jacks son, Scotty. Scotty lives across the valley from me near Shepherd, Montana, so we became friends, even though he is 28 years younger than me.
    Jack told me you were a very impressive man that he really enjoyed being around you. He also shared a few of your stories with me and we had a few laughs about them. I just wanted to check you out, so I found this site and was very impressed and am considering joining the Cody, Wyoming VFW.
    I wish you well in your endeavor to help all Veterans, the Lord knows we need the help. Maybe someday we will meet.
    Corporal Paul Grav Delta Co. 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Brigade 1962-1965 Semper Fi


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