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  • Military History Magazine

    What We Learned: from Isandlwana

    January 22, 1879. Eleven days have passed since Lt. Gen. Lord Chelmsford’s column crossed the border from Natal into Zululand. In that time, the British force, reliant on ponderous ox-drawn transport and a poor excuse for a wagon road,...

  • MHQ Magazine

    Classic Dispatches | Massacre at Majuba

    Thomas Fortescue Carter had never before worked as a war correspondent when he found himself, at age 22, covering the Anglo-Boer War of 1880–1881. “It was the first time I had been under fire,” he would write, “and I confess that...

  • Military History Magazine

    The River Ran Red

    When wary Zulus massacred a party of unarmed Boer settlers, the Afrikaners mounted a punitive campaign into the heart of the warrior kingdom...