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Big Red One Hits Easy Red

An excerpt from John C. McManus's The Dead and Those About to Die is a visceral account of the D-Day landings
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Doolittle Raiders Drink a Final Toast

A milestone historical event took place on November 9, 2013, at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Rather than wait until there were only two Doolittle Tokyo Raiders left to turn over their own...
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Interview With Doolittle Raider Richard Cole

On April 18, 1942, in the northwest Pacific, aviation legend Jimmy Doolittle and copilot Dick Cole led a flight of 16 B-25B bombers from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet bound for targets in Japan. Cole shares his memories of that historic raid.
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Ask MHQ: No German Carriers?

Q. Why didn’t Germany have aircraft carriers in World War II? Tom DeBarber  A.  Nazi Germany was constantly changing its priorities. A carrier was, in fact, laid out in Kiel, a German...

First Planes Down at Pearl

Three National Guardsmen on a morning sightseeing flight were among the first casualties on December 7, 1941.