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Wild West – August 2015 – Letters From Readers

Annie Oakley I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Annie Oakley in the February 2015 issue. The colorized photo of her on the cover really brings out her beauty and elegance. Her eyes look like they are...

August 2015 • Table of Contents

The August 2015 issue of Wild West features stories about Missouri's savage son Jesse James, the death of Dakota cattle town LeBeau, Western detective agency patriarch Allan Pinkerton, a horrific California case of sibling murder by poison and the natural history of the Plains pronghorn

Rough on Rats and Siblings

In November 1897 a doctor in Dixon, Calif., diagnosed several patients with indigestion, but the subsequent deaths of Susie and Louis Belew turned out to be a poisonous family affair

Letter From Wild West – August 2015

Pinkerton, then and now, kept an ever-watchful eye on criminal activity in the East and out West — but the detective agency just couldn't seem to get a handle on the James-Younger Gang.

Wild West – June 2015 – Table of Contents

The June 2015 issue of Wild West features stories about the company of Arikara soldiers that fought under Reno at the Little Bighorn, artist George Catlin's "Cartoon Collection," Texas-born paid assassin Felix Jones, the 1871 Wickenburg Massacre in Arizona Territory and California cop killer Ed Moore
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Wild West Discussion – June 2015

In the Southwest the U.S. Army used Apache scouts to hunt Navajos and other Apaches. To the north the Army used a handful of Lakota scouts, as well as scouts from various friendly tribes—Crow, Pawnee,...
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Wild West – June 2015 – Letters From Readers

In the June issue of Wild West readers share dispatches about the Marias (aka Baker) Massacre (in present-day Montana) and the later clashes on the Little Bighorn River and near Wounded Knee Creek (in present-day South Dakota)