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  • MHQ Magazine

    “Relax—It’s Only a Maneuver”

    The first army-versus-army maneuvers in American history, "fought" in the fall of 1941, were an elaborate game—but they helped prepare American forces for World War II...

  • Reviews

    Wargame Review- Armchair General September 2013

    Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog is the latest in a long line of titles dating back to 1999 Close Combat Featuring improved graphics and a beefed-up operational turn phase, the game focuses on the...

  • Military History Magazine

    Henry VIII’s War Games

    Within the considerable torso of the swaggering, blustering English king beat the heart of a would-be warrior. Six wives, Reformation, Dissolution and a corpulent, gout-ridden, malevolent, piggy-eyed monarch with a penchant for...