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    Divided Island

    In 1974 Turkish and Greek factions took up arms on the island nation of Cyprus, sparking a divisive conflict with lasting ramifications...

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    No Mercy on Malta

    In 1565 Jean de la Valette and the Knights of St. John defended the isolated Mediterranean stronghold from an Ottoman siege using gunpowder, steel, bare hands and bloody resolve Jean de la Valette, grand master of the Sovereign Military...

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    Greco-Turkish War, 1919-22

    The bitter struggle that created modern Greece and Turkey. Since the fall of Constantinople to Ottoman Turks in 1453, the dream of Greeks had been to recover all Greek inhabited lands held by the Turks – European Greece, the Aegean...

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    Tears of Chios

    The slaughter of civilians on this Aegean island finally prompted Europe to help Greece throw off four centuries of Ottoman rule. In 1823, shortly before his death in Greece and after having spent much of his fortune to help finance the...