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  • Vietnam Magazine

    Found and Lost: The Buried Secrets for Victory in Vietnam?

    Secret documents dug out of the Cu Chi tunnels in 1966 exposed the Viet Cong’s entire Saigon area clandestine organization to total destruction. In Asian mythology there is a dragon that lives underground guarding the king’s treasure,...

  • MHQ Magazine

    Death From Below

    In World War I, whole companies of men were assigned to burrow beneath enemy soldiers, then blow them sky high. They called themselves moles. Most were short, wiry men from the mines of Great Britain and Canada and Australia. Their special...

  • American History Magazine

    What We’re Reading: The Tunnels by Greg Mitchell

    Today’s fraught world got you yearning for yesteryear? Read The Tunnels. With main and supporting characters, plots and subplots and sub-subplots, along with multifarious intertwined threads of finagling and inveigling, Mitchell deftly...