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Encounter: Buffalo Bill at Queen Victoria’s Command

IN THE SPRING of 1887, Buffalo Bill Cody sailed from New York to England with his entire “Wild West” show—cowboys, sharpshooters, musicians and 97 American Indians, plus 180 horses, 18 buffalo, 10 elk,...

Lone Star Hit Man Felix Jones

Convicted killer Felix Robert Jones hailed from the same Texas county and worked with the same partners in crime as paid assassin par excellence ‘Killin’ Jim’ Miller

Could Custer Have Won?

Paul Andrew Hutton receives Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award for his MHQ story
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Dinosaur Wars in the American West

American Experience - Dinosaur Wars examines the fight over fossils between Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope in the American West.
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New West Showgirls Show Old West Graves

Bob Stinson likes to photograph modern Las Vegas showgirls at the graves of Old West characters like Doc Holliday, a unusual tribute to the dancehall girls who filled the dreams of cowboys on the trail.
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‘American Experience’ Explores Wyatt Earp

The life of controversial lawman Wyatt Earp is the subject of an episode of American Experience on PBS. This History Net article includes an interview with the show's writer, producer and director, Rob Rapley.
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The Killing of Dora Hand

In October 1878, Texas cowboy Spike Kenedy went gunning for Dodge City Mayor Dog Kelley, his rival for the affections of stage performer Dora Hand. In a tragic twist of fate, Kenedy instead shot Hand, sparking a determined manhunt.
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100 Greatest Western Movies

A panel of experts selected the 100 greatest Western movies of all time. History Net offers you a chance to vote for your top choice and asks what movies were overlooked, which ones don't belong, and what is the most historically accurate Western.
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100 Greatest Westerns – Panel of Experts

Weider History Group's list of 100 Greatest Westerns was compiled by 10 experts with diverse experience. The names of those experts and their background appear here.