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  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal | NVA’s T-59 Tanks

    At about 0830 on April 16, 1975, a reinforced mechanized infantry battalion of North Vietnamese Army troops hit the Army of the Republic of Vietnam’s 5th Infantry Regiment defending Thanh Son Air Base’s main gate. Demoralized South...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal | The M-41 Walker Bulldog

    A mainstay of ARVN armored units right up to the fall of South Vietnam. Operation Lam Son 719 took South Vietnamese forces deep into Laotian territory in February 1971. Intending to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail, troops of the Army of the...

  • Military History, MH Tools

    M24 Chaffee

    The M24’s mobility, maneuverability and hefty armament made it ideal for reconnaissance and troop support...

  • World War II Magazine

    WWII Review: Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha Tank

    The Type 97 was Japan’s standard medium tank during World War II. It first saw action against Russian forces at Nomonhan in 1939, and continued service throughout the war. When the Type 97 found itself outclassed by Allied tanks later in...

  • MHQ Magazine

    MHQ Letters from Readers- Summer 2012

    In Defense of FDR Thank you for Joseph E. Persico’s excellent article “Did Roosevelt Doom Us to a Longer War?” Spring 2012. In all the “what ifs” of World War II, the timing of the Allied invasion of France still generates...

  • Military History, MH Tools

    Char B1 bis

    By May 1940 nearly 400 French Char B1 bis heavy tanks were ready to meet the Nazi invasion...