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  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal | The M-41 Walker Bulldog

    A mainstay of ARVN armored units right up to the fall of South Vietnam. Operation Lam Son 719 took South Vietnamese forces deep into Laotian territory in February 1971. Intending to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail, troops of the Army of the...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Born to Fight: Colonel Lewis Millett

    A daring and legendary warrior in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, who forged the American commando forces, still has plenty to say about the war in Vietnam and the men who fought it. Colonel Lewis Lee Millett is a combat-decorated veteran of...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Pictures of Hell at Dong Xoai

    A district town 55 miles north of Saigon, Dong Xoai was at a junction of roads linking points north and west. Among the military and civilian traffic from the west in the summer of 1965 were infiltrators fresh off the Ho Chi Minh Trail....

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal | M19 60 mm Mortar

    The 1st and 2nd platoons of B Company, 9th Marine Regiment, attacked North Vietnamese Army positions on Hill 861 near Khe Sanh on April 24, 1967, and came under heavy fire as they moved into position. The Americans responded by deploying...

  • MHQ Magazine

    The Evacuation of Kham Duc

    The final hours of a remote outpost—called a "Khe Sanh in reverse"—were heroic ones ...