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Unique: the Pacific War, Part 2

Last week I made a startling claim about the uniqueness of the Pacific War. Well, startling for me, anyway. I've come up in a school that distrusts the very word "unique." Most historians eschew the...
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The Wall at 30: Its Timeline of Design and Function

As the nation celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in November 2012, Vietnam magazine examines the spirit and dedication that brought it to fruition in 1982 to honor those who served in the Vietnam War
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Mystery Date: Pacific War Edition

Norma Clinton was an attractive young honors student living in rural Georgia. Harry Kipp was a Marine captain from Minnesota who had survived the attack on Pearl Harbor before shipping off to the Pacific. At...
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The Best and Worst Lincoln Movies

A Lincoln scholar answers questions about the best and worst Abraham Lincoln movies and television programs - 'Star Trek' makes it into a 'best' category.
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Conversation with Joe Mantegna

"I know there are a lotta great stories out there about World War II,” declares actor Joe Mantegna, “but I’ve got a pretty good one.” The versatile Chicago-born star’s...
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Corregidor: Return to the Rock

The fading beams of my flashlight sweep the cavernous reinforced concrete laterals of Malinta Tunnel, barely illuminating my passage. Vintage wires and fixtures, timber trusses, and piles of rubble flare into...
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The lifeline of the Wehrmacht’s multiple-front war was the European rail network, the same system that supported the killing of Jews during the Holocaust.
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How Curiosity Killed

A Lithuanian Holocaust perpetrator explains why he murdered Jewish men, women, and children

Review: The Rape of Nanking, second edition

The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II By Iris Chang. 314 pp. Basic, new edition 2012. $15.99. This passionate book, recently reissued, is bristling with facts, figures, and the...