Winnie Davis’s Love Affair

‘I will never consent’ All’s not quite fair in love and war for the daughter of Jefferson Davis Varina Anne “Winnie” Davis, younger daughter of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his...

Kimo Williams: Are You Experienced?

Shaped by his in-country experiences, musician and Vietnam veteran Kimo Williams continues to work on behalf of vets and soldiers from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq
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Norwich University Receives Transforming Gift

World History Group received the following media release from Norwich University, which was not only the first private military college in the United States, it is the birthplace of the Reserve Officer...
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Project to clear landmines in Vietnam

TED Challenge: Defuse, Heal & Grow campaign is raising money to remove old landmines and other unexploded ordinance from Quang Tri Province, Vietnam.
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Conversation with Matthew Brzezinski

‘Writing this book,” Matthew Brzezinski declares, “made me grasp the horrors of the situation’s choices.” The “situation” is the Nazi-ruled Warsaw Ghetto, portrayed...
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No Regrets

Of all the places I’ve been, the port of Archangel in the north of Russia is the least romantic. The climate is terrible—cold and dank most of the year—and ships lie rusting in the harbor....

Review: The Liberator by Alex Kershaw

The Liberator One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey from the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau By Alex Kershaw. 448 pp. Crown, 2012. $28. War is hell, but Felix Sparks, the central...
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Jackie Robinson: Baseball’s Noble Experiment

Jackie Robinson broke the "color line" in baseball, the first African American to play on an integrated major league team. He endured with dignity the racism of many fans and other players and opened major league ball for all black players.
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My War – Elizabeth A. Allen

During the Vietnam War, Capt. Elizabeth Allen joined the U.S. Army with a master's degree in psychiatric nursing and served in the Nurse Corps on the front lines at the 71st and 12th Evac Hospitals tending to the injured and dying
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American Experience: The Abolitionists

"American Experience: The Abolitionists" is a compelling, 3-part series on the rise, fracturing, decline, resurgence and ultimate triumph of the movement to make all Americans free.