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    Pictures of Hell at Dong Xoai

    A district town 55 miles north of Saigon, Dong Xoai was at a junction of roads linking points north and west. Among the military and civilian traffic from the west in the summer of 1965 were infiltrators fresh off the Ho Chi Minh Trail....

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Valor | Marvin Shields

    Only Seabee awarded Medal of Honor...

  • HistoryNet

    U.S. Navy Seabees

    Great Warriors are not limited to those whose primary mission is to close with and destroy the enemy. Waging modern warfare demands a total team effort by combat, support and service units working closely together to project the power of...

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    Seabee Revival

    Mike Araldi's Republic RC-3 amphibian, which he christened "Abeja" ("Bee"), is marked accordingly. Every dog has its day—even a Seabee. A design bought by Republic to help keep its Long Island factory active when the...